Top tips to smooth your business travel journey

  • 08th September 2014

Travelling on business can be tiring but remembering a few key tips can help to make your journey as hassle free as possible.

1. Stay Packed

It’s good to always keep a checklist of things you need to pack each time. Keep the approved sized airport polythene bag stocked with approved sized toiletries (100ml) as it’s a costly exercise to keep losing them when they’re too big.

2. Travel light

Try and avoid having to check in a bag as this saves such a lot of time. Keep your clothes lightweight so you can always wash and dry them overnight. Carry a coat with lots of pockets to put in any excess things.

3. Ensuring a good night’s sleep

A few chamomile teabags can help as a soothing nightcap.

4. Don’t be a slave to the internet.

Download your documents onto your tablet or laptop so you can work on them without needing wifi.

5. Timesaving apps

Load timesaving apps on your phone such as Osmand for point by point navigation, Mapswithme, Trip Advisor travel guides and a translation tool which you can use offline, so you’re not dependent on the wifi.

6. Back up all your key documents

The Genius scan app can help to keep photos of key receipts and travel docs and you can post them to dropbox in case you ever need them. You can also use apps like Tripit to pull all elements of your trip into one online itinerary.

7. Staying in touch needn’t cost the earth

Using Skype on the move and the BT Smarttalk facility to make a call from abroad using your local BT account helps to keep your phone calls affordable, wherever you are in the world. Make sure you register before your trip.

8. Carry a spare unlocked phone

Buying a local sim card for a stay of more than a week or so can save a fortune on calls with a spare unlocked phone. Some local plans also enable you to get mobile broadband aswell.

9. Get your cards pre-approved for travel

Don’t forget to contact your card company to let them know you’re going abroad so they don’t block your card when trying to draw out funds abroad. Many now make this easier via SMS or their website.

10. Keep your devices charged up

A mobile USB battery charger can be so useful when on the road. This is also now essential for travel to the US where you will not be able to travel with a device if you cannot turn it on. You can buy portable ones from Anker which last up to 4 charges, even come with a handy torch and cost less than £20.

11. A smile goes a long way

Being friendly to local staff can help to secure some great rooms and perks. Showing that you respect and care for people and knowing the local tipping customs can make a big difference to your stay.

12. Use your trip to connect with someone new

You may have a lot of people in our social networks that you’ve not met in person. Check your networks to see if your trip enables you to meet someone new in your network face to face. This can make a big difference to your stay and enable you to get a much better understanding of the country. It could even lead to some new business opportunities.

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Do you have some top travel tips you can share with us?

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