Time and money saving top tips for business travellers

  • 08th November 2014

If you’re a frequent traveller you know how precious time is so here are a few key tips and handy gadgets to smooth your journey and save you money.

1. Keep a bag packed

Always keep a wheelie bag packed with toiletries (max 100ml) in their regulation plastic bag to speed you through airport security. We’ve also suggested some handy gadgets as listed below. They might even make some handy stocking fillers this Christmas.

Mobile phone USB charger

Always carry a small mobile phone charger so that you’ll never be dependent on finding an electric socket to charge your phone.

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Noise cancelling headphones

They make such a difference on flights and ensure you can relax as noise can be a big distraction and cause of stress.

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Travel Pillow

Keep an inflatable one so it packs down and is easy to carry.


Don’t leave home without these – just in case you’ve got a noisy corridor outside your hotel room.

Travel Adapter

You can now buy ones which will work in any country so you don’t pack the wrong one.

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USB car charger

Bring a car USB adapter, so if you’re driving you can charge your gadgets on the move too.


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USB Presenter tool

Why not bring along a USB presenter tool so that when you’re doing presentations you’re not stuck in one space but can move around freely. This tool just adds that extra professional touch.


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2. Data in the cloud and on a USB stick

When doing presentations, always back up the data in the cloud ahead of time on a virtual drive such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive. Sometimes you might need to download some data so bring the data on a USB stick. This is handy if you’re doing presentations and you can’t get your laptop to connect so you can load it onto another local PC.

3. Choosing regional airports

Flying from your local city can make a difference to your levels of stress. Airports like Bristol have some of the shortest commute times from the city. They can save having to negotiate expensive trains to the larger and more crowded bigger airport hubs, where the queues are that much longer.

Our airport infogram shows some of the best value facilities available to business travellers at UK regional airports such as fast track, business lounges and wifi.

4. Join the rental car traveller member programme

Many rental car companies offer shorter waiting times for their members so check out how much time you could save by joining their traveller programmes.

5. Meet and Greet parking schemes

Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle airports all offer meet and greet schemes to save you time having to park and use shuttle buses.

6. Enter meeting locations in your smartphone and/or GPS

Whether you’re using Outlook or Google Calendar entering all the locations of your meetings into your diary and on your GPS can really save time when you’re on the road.

7. Use apps to find nearest free wifi

Use an app like Wifi Finder to find the nearest free wifi to minimise the high cost of data roaming. It’s available for Android devices, iphones and ipads.

wifi finder_original (1)

8. Annual policies cost less than single trip ones

If you’re doing more than one trip a year it’s normally always cheaper to buy an annual travel insurance policy. This is also true for covering any excess payable on your car hire policies if you damage your car.

9. Cover your car hire excess

Check out the annual policies available which will cover you anywhere for excess car hire claims for around £40-50 per person per year. These are especially valuable for markets like Southern Europe where accidents and car damage can be more prevalent.

10. Check your credit card rates carefully for usage abroad

Several credit card companies have started charging a fixed fee for use of their cards for buying goods whilst abroad, on top of their regular foreign exchange margin. There are still some companies that don’t charge this fee so check yours is one of them.
230/365 Macro Monday Theme: Life is Hard Credit cards and debt make life hard. It seems so easy at the time, but after time, you realize what a mistake it is. Strobist: Canon 430ex II at 1/4 power through a softbox camera left. Triggered with a Cactus V4. 230/365
Macro Monday Theme: Life is Hard
Credit cards and debt make life hard. It seems so easy at the time, but after time, you realize what a mistake it is.
Strobist: Canon 430ex II at 1/4 power through a softbox camera left. Triggered with a Cactus V4.[/caption]

Don’t forget to let your credit card company know you’re going abroad or you might find your card won’t work. Many card companies now offer easy ways to alert them via email or text message. You can advise them in advance of all your travel dates.

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