Översikt för våra biljettpriser
Bokningsbeteckningar (RBD)Ändringar+Avbokningar++Service ombordTillåtet incheckat bagageWebb-incheckningLounge-tillgänglighetFast track
SaleKXXgratis snacks ombord1 x 23 KGÖppnar 48 timmar före avgångXX
ClassicL,E,T,S,W,N,Q,O,U,M£50 plus mellanskillnadXgratis snacks ombord1 x 23 KGÖppnar 48 timmar före avgångXX
ClassicPlusT,S,W,N,Q,G,O,U,M,Yendast mellanskillnaden£50/€65 i avgift per passagerare, per sträckagratis snacks ombord1 x 23 KGÖppnar 48 timmar före avgångXX
ExecutiveJ,C,Dendast mellanskillnadeningen avgiftpremiumsnacks/-måltider ombord2 x 23 KGÖppnar 72 timmar före avgång

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Whether travelling for business or pleasure our airport lounges offer a restful haven. Most lounges offer complimentary wi-fi, a selection of hot and cold drinks, bar service and snacks, with some providing hot food. Many provide quiet zones for work and charging stations for your laptops, ipads and phones.

When you fly with flybmi on an Executive fare, lounge access is available at the following airports:

Departure AirportLounge NameHow to Access
AberdeenNorthern Lights LoungePlease proceed directly to the lounge with your flybmi boarding pass
BristolAspire Lounge
East MidlandsEscape Lounge
NewcastleAspire Lounge
NorwichMultiYork Lounge
BrusselsBrussels Airline Lounge
BremenAHS LoungePlease collect lounge entry code from the flybmi check-in counter

Our Executive fare customers can wizz past the queues at airport security by using the fast track service. Available at the following airports:

AirportHow to Access
AberdeenPlease proceed to the Fast Track Security area with your flybmi boarding pass
East Midlands
DusseldorfPlease proceed to the Fast Track Security area with your flybmi boarding pass

In accordance with the IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Manual)

We specify the flybmi policy in relation to the issuing of ADM’s (Agency Debit Memo’s) to agencies selling flybmi tickets.

The audit process is to ensure that all fare rules and procedures are adhered to and in the case of any difference, settlement is reached equally for all distribution channels. Fare audit checks are performed on all 480 document issuances, refunds, reissue and revalidation transactions, whether they are fare quoted automatically or manually.

ADM Calculations and Minimum ADM value

The minimum ADM value flybmi will raise is GBP5 or equivalent. In cases of multiple occurrences of underpayments of less than GBP5 or equivalent by the same agent, we reserve the right to recover these underpayments. More than one ADM in relation to the same ticket can be raised in the case of different unrelated reasons.

ADM Administration Fee

flybmi will charge an ADM processing fee to each ADM raised to cover costs. This will be £10 or 15EUR to each ADM.
If the ADM is successfully disputed and not a fault of the agent, we will refund the administration fee.

Reasons for flybmi raising ADM’s

Ticket Issuance

All fares, fare rules and booking rules are subject to audit. This includes, but not limited to this audit control, is the correct application of:

  • Fare and fare conditions
  • Taxes and fuel surcharges
  • Airline surcharges
  • Rebooking fees, recalculation of re-issue / routing
  • Commission (if applicable)
  • Sub class abuse where the class in the GDS is not the same class as the ticket

In addition to the above, we also adopt a policy for churning whereby we will charge an administration fee of £5 per segment.
For inactive segments including duplicate bookings, fictitious names, waitlists, passive bookings, name changes and a general item with other general practices, we will charge an administration fee of £7 per segment.
* Please refer to the booking guidelines tab for further information.

Refund Audit

Correct application of all refund rules must be adhered, including, but not limited to this audit control is the correct calculation of:

  • The refunded amount, Fare, taxes and fuel charge
  • The cancellation penalty
  • The refunding of commission amount (if applicable)

Credit Card Chargeback

In cases where flybmi is debited by the credit card acquirer for fraud case, a purchase rejection by the passenger or card holder, or credit card misuse on a ticket issued by the agent,
flybmi will charge the agent for the cost.
The agent is responsible for checking the validity of the credit card and to ensure the cardholder’s signature is provided as well as ensuring the card is an acceptable form of payment by flybmi.

flybmi reserves the right to issue an ADM when abuse usage of a credit card in the name of the agent is used in connection of a sale for any customer of the agent is detected, according to IATA Reso. 890.

Form of payment errors on sale or refund

Examples of former payment errors include, but not limited to:

  • Incorrect digits linked to a payment card number that prevents payment
  • Refund to a different form of payment to that of the sale

Duplicate usage of tickets

  • Travel
  • Refund
  • Exchange/ Reissue

Where an agent re-issues or refunds a sector that has been flown on, we will raise an ADM if the airline has no funds to cover the used leg.

CIP Violation

Any incorrect ticketing on flybmi ticket stock will be picked up and an ADM raised.

Unreported sales

If a passenger has flown on a ticket issued by an agency, that was not paid to flybmi, we will raise an ADM.


According to IATA Resolution 850m (4.50-4.60) travel agents will have a maximum of 15 days to review and dispute an ADM prior to its submission to BSP for processing.
All disputes are to be settled by the Airline within 60 days of receipt. Any dispute concerning an ADM already settled in BSP must be communicated to flybmi within 50 days of ADM issue date.

Contact Information for ADM’s

For further inquiries related to the raising of ADM’s/ACM’s for flybmi sales, please email the Revenue Accounting team on: [email protected]

Last updated: May 2014.


Cabin Baggage

We understand many passengers wish to travel with cabin baggage only but we would ask you to please remind your customers that there are strict rules regarding the size of their cabin baggage and the items they can carry into the cabin. To ensure a hassle free experience at the airport please ensure your customers are familiar with the following information.
All flybmi passengers may carry one main piece of cabin baggage on-board weighing up to 12kg, plus one personal item (such as a small handbag, purse, small briefcase, laptop bag, baby-changing bag, etc). Personal items are accepted at flybmi’s discretion. Cabin baggage dimensions may not exceed 55cm length, 40cm width and 23cm depth (including wheels, handles and side pockets).

Larger pieces of cabin baggage will have DAA tags (‘Deliver At Aircraft side’) attached to them at check-in or the gate. This tag is used for items which won’t fit in our overhead storage in the aircraft cabin. These items are placed in the hold and passengers are then able to collect those items at the aircraft side upon arrival.

Packing your Cabin Baggage

Government and airport authorities enforce strict rules and regulations regarding the carriage of liquids in cabin baggage. Liquids can be taken through airport security check points, but there are restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through.

Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids, but only within separate containers, with a capacity not greater than 100ml each. These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag must be sealed. Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids and the bag must be removed from cabin baggage and placed separately in the bin provided when moving through airport security. Liquids which cannot be placed inside the re-sealable bag must be packed into hold baggage and checked in. The term ‘liquids’ is intended to include items such as:

  • All drinks, including water, soup, syrups, etc.
  • Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara, etc.
  • Sprays and pressurized containers, including shaving foam and spray deodorants
  • Pastes, including toothpastes
  • Gels, including hair and shower gel
  • Any other solutions and items of similar consistency to the above mentioned items

Where possible, passengers are requested to place all liquid items in hold baggage.

Flight Essentials

Please make sure the following items are packed in following in cabin baggage:

  • Flight tickets and boarding passes
  • Passport and any other important documents
  • Medication
  • Car keys
  • Money
  • Valuable items

We cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to such items placed in hold baggage.

Hold Baggage

Our inclusive fares provide every passenger with at least 1 hold bag of up to 23kg for no additional charge

Fare TypeSaleClassicClassicFlexExecutive
Free Hold Baggage Allowance1 piece of max 23kg1 piece of max 23kg1 piece of max 23kg2 pieces of max 23kg each
Excess Kg Charges£10/E15 per kilo over free allowance charged at airport

We have special arrangements for sporting equipment like skis and surfboards and large musical instruments. In many cases these can be carried as part of a passengers’ free baggage allowance. Please visit our Sports Equipment and other special baggage page for more details

Weight Limit for a Single Piece of Baggage

All customers travelling to and from the UK, are not permitted to check in any bag that weighs in excess of 32kg (70lbs).

The maximum weight limit of 32kg for any individual piece of baggage, does not affect the total combined weight of all bags you are entitled to check in. It is instead a safety measure aimed at reducing injuries to baggage handling staff.

Restricted Items

The rules and regulations regarding the export, import and carriage of various items can vary across the UK and Europe, these notes are intended as guidance only and passengers are recommended to check local regulations in place at their time of travel with the relevant authorities.

Food and plant products

Food and plant product imports pose serious health risks – both to the public and to the environment. There are strict rules about bringing them to the UK to reduce the risk of pests and diseases entering the country.

Find out more abut the rules on bringing food products to the UK – www.gov.uk/bringing-food-animals-plants-into-uk/food and www.gov.uk/bringing-food-animals-plants-into-uk/plants

Endangered animals and plants

Passengers are not allowed to bring internationally protected endangered animals and plants, or products made from them, into the UK unless they have a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) permit. The illicit trade in animal products is a serious contributory factor in the threat of extinction faced by many endangered species.
For further information please visit www.cites.org/


Firearms, ammunition and other weapons, including replica and decommissioned weapons, are clearly NOT allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

We may accept firearms for carriage in your hold baggage only with advanced notification and with the appropriate licenses and documentation. Under international rules the weight of any ammunition may not exceed 5kg (11lb) per passenger, allowances for more than one passenger may not be combined.

If accepted for travel, firearms will be carried as part of the passengers’ hold baggage allowance with excess baggage fees applied if the combined hold baggage exceeds the passengers’ allowance.

Firearms and other weapons will only be accepted for carriage under the following conditions:

  • Any firearms should be unloaded, that is, free of ammunition
  • They can only be accepted as hold baggage
  • They must be packed in a hard shell container
  • Ammunition must be packed in either its original packaging or in a suitable container which prevents movement between shells or cartridges (i.e. loose ammunition is not permitted). No external labelling to denote the contents is permitted.
  • A firearms label must be attached and signed by the passenger
  • Each firearm must be accompanied by the relevant export/import licenses, firearms certificate and any other official documentation as required at the time of travel.
  • Bookings must be made via our Contact Centre at least 72 hours prior to travel to ensure compliance with government regulations. Please have the following information to hand when you call us:
    • The quantity of firearms
    • The type, make, model and calibre
    • Quantity (in weight) of ammunition

Please note if the trip includes a flight operated by an airline other than flybmi please ensure you contact them in advance of travel to verify any additional requirements and / or restrictions.

Please ensure your customer arrives at our check-in desks 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure time to ensure sufficient time to process security documentation.

Buggies, Pushchairs and Carry Cots

Carry cots must be stowed in hold of the aircraft; however, under very special circumstances, we may allow for it to be carried in the cabin. The baby must however be removed from the cot during travel.

Find out more about travelling with children

Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are permitted as hold or cabin baggage; however, they must remain in their original, unopened, retail packaging. Restricted to one box per passenger.

Dead Game Birds & Dead Fish

When travelling within the UK & EC, dead game birds and fish may be carried in baggage. Any dead game birds or fish carried in hold baggage must be suitably packed and sealed in such a way that they:

  • Cannot leak and contaminate other baggage or cargo
  • Cause a hygiene risk
  • Cause offensive odours likely to be objectionable to fellow passengers

Fragile Articles

Fragile articles have to be adequately packed to prevent damage.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes must not be carried in hold baggage to prevent any fire risk from accidental activation. They are permitted for carriage in cabin baggage, along with any spare lithium batteries for the device. The batteries must also be protected from short circuiting when carried.


Lithium ion/metal battery typeAirline approval requiredAllowed in hand baggageAllowed in hold baggage
In equipmentSparesIn equipmentSpares
Watt Hours less than 100 (1)NoYesYesYesNo
Watt Hours between 100 and 160 (2)YesYesYesYesNo
Watt hours more than 160 (3)Not permittedNoNoNoNo

(1) – Found in laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras etc

(2) – Found in video equipment, portable medical devices etc

(3) – Found in electric bikes, car battery, underwater lamp etc

Points to remember

  • Damaged batteries or equipment must not be carried on an aircraft
  • Spare Lithium batteries are not permitted in hold baggage
  • Spare lithium batteries must be protected against short circuiting or damage – this can be done by either:-
    • Keeping it in the original manufacturers packaging
    • Placing tape over the terminals and placing it in a protective case or strong packaging
  • All battery powered devices must be packaged to prevent inadvertent activation
  • Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs – laptops, kindles, Ipads etc) carried on an aircraft must not be plugged in to the in-flight power when not in use (i.e. when charging)

If in any doubt about the WH rating of a battery, this is usually shown on the casing of the battery itself, or mentioned in the device specifications.

Note – Batteries between 160 and 300 Watt Hours can be carried as part of a mobility aid for Passengers with Restricted Movement, but only with the prior approval of the airline.

Important Information

In other currencies, the above charges may fluctuate depending on the exchange rate at the time of calculation.

Flights booked with Other Airlines (codeshare flights)

Please be aware that the hand and hold baggage allowance offered by our flight partners may differ from the flybmi allowances shown on our website. For the specific terms and conditions of flybmi’s flight partners, or any other airline sold on flybmi.com please contact the relevant airline, or visit their website directly before travelling.

If your customer is travelling on non flybmi operated (codeshare) flights, or connecting to a codeshare flight, excess baggage charges will apply and are calculated on an individual route sector basis.

Connecting Flights & Through Check-In

Only customers on connecting flights with itineraries issued on a single ticket with one booking reference, are entitled to qualify for the through check-in service (subject to minimum connection times). This ruling applies to all connecting flights.

  • flybmi to flybmi
  • flybmi to other carries
  • Codeshare flights

This means that passengers with connecting journeys using separate tickets are not eligible for the facility of the through check-in service, or, the through tagging of baggage service.

Prohibited Hold Baggage Items

There are sets of items that are prohibited from being carried in hold baggage. Customers are asked to remove such items from their baggage. Please see our Prohibited Baggage Items section for more information.

Further Information

We ask for co-operation in the screening process, by allowing sufficient time and being prepared before arriving at the airport.


flybmi booking guidelines for travel agents

flybmi has recently enhanced its revenue Integrity Policies to more efficiently track and monitor booking activity. As with most airlines flybmi is charged a fee by each GDS for every passenger segment booked. For this reason we would ask you to use the following guidelines. Your compliance will ensure that these fees are not re-charged to your agency and will improve the availability we offer you and all our travelers.

Ticket time limit

How does the BM ticketing time limit policy work?
On creation of new bookings the system will advise you via your GDS of the ticketing time limit deadline, if appropriate. The booking will subsequently be cancelled should a ticket number not be included in the reservation by the specified date. Always ensure that you ticket within the time limit accordingly to the fare rule.

PublishedExecutiveExecutive Classes.Ticketing permitted up to flight.
Classic PlusClassic – Y class.Ticketing permitted up to flight.
All classes except Y – Booking made greater than 72 hours prior to departure.72 hours from Reservation or 24 hours before departure, earliest deadline applies.
All classes except Y – Booking made within 24 hours of departure.Ticketing must occur immediately.
ClassicAll classes except Y – Booking made greater than 72 hours prior to departure.72 hours from Reservation or 24 hours before departure, earliest deadline applies.
All classes except Y – Booking made within 24 hours of departure.Ticketing must occur immediately.
SaleSale – Booking made anytime.Ticketing must occur immediately.

Duplicate Bookings

Duplicate bookings should not be made for the same passenger on the same route. These bookings will be identified and automatically cancelled. Similarly bookings made showing an overlapping or non-flyable itinerary will also be identified and cancelled.

Duplicate Ticket Numbers

Ensure that ticket numbers are both valid and not duplicated. Bookings showing previously used ticket numbers will result in cancellation of the booking.

Fictitious Names

Do not hold space under speculative names or NTBA/TBA/TEST etc. These bookings will be identified and cancelled. Additionally please ensure that passenger names are entered in flybmi’s preferred format that should show surname, first name and title as shown below.



Do not waitlist in lower classes. These bookings will be detected and subsequently cancelled.

Passive Bookings

Passive bookings (e.g. PK, PL, AK and where no seat is held) should only be used in the following instances and only when it is not possible to perform the process in the live PNR.

  • When ticketing reservations are made directly with BM.
  • When ticketing is on behalf of another agent

Any Passive booking which falls outside of these circumstances will be identified and rejected. Passives made for productivity or administration purposes should be performed using non-billable status.

Name changes

Name changes are not permitted on any flybmi ticket.

Other General Practices

  • Remove inactive segments UN/UC/HX/NO
  • Regularly work your queues and ensure that all status codes are actioned
  • Ensure any TK (schedule change) message are confirmed changing the status to HK and cancelling any UN, WK, and UC.
  • If your agency uses more than one GDS ensure you always book and ticket from the same GDS
  • Ensure ticketed classes match those booked.

Can cancelled bookings be re-instated?

If a booking has been cancelled incorrectly, or a ticket issued without flybmi being notified, then we will try to re-instate the booking wherever possible. Please contact flybmis team on 0330 333 7998 or 0044 330 333 7998.

Ändra avgifter

Ändringsavgift är £60 eller €68 per flygning, per person.

En ändringssavgift debiteras när flygdatumet har ändrats och den ursprungliga biljetten har återutfärdats. Detta återutfärdande måste göras i samband med ändringar av de ursprungliga datumen för resan. Eventuella förseningar vid återutfärdande av en biljett kan resultera i ett ADM, till exempel på grund av biljettregeln "inga ändringar efter avgång".

Saker att komma ihåg:

  • Ändringsavgifter gäller inte för alla biljettyper
  • När en ändring görs och samma biljettyp inte är tillgänglig måste prisskillnad plus tilläggsavgiften betalas
  • Ändringsavgifter debiteras per sektor, per person

Återutfärdande av en flybmi-biljett

När du tar emot extra utlägg från en kund, ska du alltid återutfärda biljetten.

Om du hanterar en uppgraderingsavgift och/eller en ändringsavgift kan dessa samlas på den återutfärdade biljetten och läggas till som en ADC, och ändringsavgiften som en XP-skatt.

Rapportera ett GDS-problem eller avvikelse

To report a GDS irregularity such as with flybmi fare displays, fare quotes and/or ticketing, please copy and paste the information below into an email and send to [email protected] Please explain in detail the situation you have encountered including screen shots, if possible, for review and follow up.

  • Agency Name/Branch:
  • ARC #:
  • Email:
  • Phone #:
  • Location/Address:
  • GDS/ IATA & PCC:
  • Explain the problem:
  • Example #1: System not quoting fare correctly.
  • Example #2: Fare agent is trying to quote.

Fare basis code:

Please provide a screen shot showing itinerary, fare quote entry, system response.


Bags fly free

All passengers received a free 23kg hold baggage allowance for their convenience, Executive passengers receive a generous allowance of 2 x 23kg of hold baggage.

Complimentary food and drink onboard

Your customers can relax when onboard and enjoy our complimentary snacks and refreshments, as well as a free bar service.

30 minute check-in

We offer a 30 minute check-in time to make the start of your customers journey as seamless as possible.

All jet fleet

We have an all jet fleet, making your customers journey more comfortable all round.

Executive Fares

Our Executive Fares offer your customers all the key benefits and flexibility those passengers travelling for business would expect

Key advantages include:

  • Fully refundable, fully flexible ticket*
  • Lounge access*
  • Fast track*
  • Generous hold baggage allowance – 2 bags of max 23kg each
  • Complimentary drinks and premium snacks onboard
  • Preferred seating at the front of the aircraft with free seat selection

* Fare difference may be charged if applicable

** Available at selected airports


What to expect onboard:

31″ seat pitch with 1:2 seating
Complimentary snacks and refreshments onboard
23kg hold baggage allowance

Change date or time of travel for no fee*

Cancel for refund **

* Fare difference may be charged if applicable

** Fees apply


What to expect onboard:

31″ seat pitch with 1:2 seating
Complimentary snacks and refreshments onboard
23kg hold baggage allowance

Change date or time of travel for no fee*

* Fare difference and fees apply

Sale Fares

What to expect onboard:

31″ seat pitch with 1:2 seating
Complimentary snacks and refreshments onboard
23kg hold baggage allowance

Our cheapest fares!


Flight time changes and cancellations are usually notified through your system, or if booked via our website by email. Please notify your customer of a schedule change as soon as possible.

flybmi schedule change procedure

If the new flight time and/or date is not convenient for your customer, please contact our Travel Trade Support team on 0330 0333 7998 to discuss alternative options.

Please note that flight re-accommodation due to schedule changes or flight cancellations must always be done by the flybmi’s Travel Trade Support team.

If we have an alternative flight (earlier or later) and this is more convenient we will re-accommodate free of charge.

Date changes are permitted within 21 days from the original travel date

Route changes are not permitted

Once the customer has agreed new dates / flights, additional changes will be charged in line with the original ticket rules and restrictions

Any upgrade or change fee is charged unless there are further schedule changes made to the booking.

Route changes are not permitted as a result of a schedule change or flight cancellation.Route changes are not permitted as a result of a schedule change or flight cancellation – pls add *with the exception of a route cancellation where flybmi have authorised or where there is an agreement in place with another carrier.

Customers are entitled to a full refund if:

  • They have been affected by a flight cancellation
  • Their flight has been re-scheduled to operate 5 hours earlier or later than originally booked.
  • None of the proposed options are suitable

For refund on route cancellations please process via the GDS.

Re-issued tickets

Please note: tickets that have been exchanged are audited. The following exemptions apply:

Involuntary re-routing
‘invol reroute’ plus details of original flight must be annotated in the endorsement box.

Schedule changes
‘schedule change’ plus details of original flight must be annotated in the endorsement box (this includes re-accommodation of cancelled flights/routes)

Additional payment collected on MCO/MPD
Details of the XP tax element must be shown in the ‘form of payment’ field

Additional collections when re-issuing tickets

Re-issuing flybmi tickets

When collecting additional monies from a customer, always reissue the ticket

Add the new sector to the booking then end and retrieve, at this point remove the unwanted sector and end and retrieve again. This will calculate the additional collection for you i.e. the difference in fare than add the change fee

If you are collecting an upgrade fee and/or a change fee these can be collected on the reissued ticket and added as part of the fare. The two amounts may be collected in one single XP tax collection which is used as the ‘exchange’ document when reissuing

If a ticket has been exchanged due to one of the above reasons, the relevant information must be included. If it is not, the ticket will be audited as normal and an ADM issued.

Privata biljettpriser

flybmi distribute a number of private fare products to agencies in the UK and Europe. Details of these can be seen below, along with some basic guidelines about each product. For full ticketing and terms and conditions please see the contract provided to you. Should you wish to receive one of the below products please speak to your Sales Account Manager of email [email protected]

Corporate fares

  • Distributed via ATPCO Cat35 with discount application via ATPCO Cat25.
  • All corporate fares distributed are Type-L distribution.
  • OSI or SSR required to note the 3 letter corporate route deal code noted in the corporate’s ticketing instruction file.
  • Ticket time limit varies by corporate.

Marine and Offshore Net fare

  • Distributed via ATPCO CAT35 with discount applications via ATPCO CAT25.
  • All marine and offshore fares distributed are Type-L distribution.
  • OSI or SSR required to note the ship registration, rig, vessel or station.
  • ID required by marine and offshore industry employee at check-in.
  • Ticket time limit – ticketing required 72 hours after reservation is made or 48 hours before departure. The most restrictive (earliest) applies. Bookings made within 48 hours require immediate ticketing.

Consol Net fare

  • Distributed via ATPCO CAT35 with discount applications via ATPCO CAT25.
  • All consol fares distributed are Type-C and Type-L distribution.
  • Agency mark-up permitted for Type-C fares.
  • Ticket time limit – ticketing required 72 hours after reservation is made or 72 hours before departure. The most restrictive (earliest) applies. Bookings made within 72 hours require immediate ticketing.

ITX (inclusive tour) Net fare

  • Distributed via ATPCO CAT35 with discount applications via ATPCO CAT25.
  • All ITX fares distributed are Type-L and Type-C distribution.
  • Agency mark-up permitted for Type-C fares.
  • OSI or SSR required to note the packaged products making up the inclusive tour package such as accommodation locators, transport and rail.
  • A leisure only product.
  • Ticket time limit – ticketing required 30 days prior to flight. Bookings made within 30 days of flight require immediate ticketing.

flybmi reserve the right to change or remove the above products at any time without advance notice. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions set out within the GDS fare rule will raise system issued ADMs



För försäljningsförfrågningar, kontakta [email protected]


Pegasus Business Park
Herald Way
East Midlands Airport
Castle Donington
DE74 2TU


Tele (Storbritannien): 0330 333 7998

Tele (Internationella samtal): +44 330 333 7998

Våra telefonlinjer är öppna:

Måndag till fredag: 06:30 - 20:00

Lördag: stängt

Söndag: 09:30-13:00, stängt mellan 13:00-13:30, därefter öppet från 13:30 till 17:30

Öppettider under helgdagar kan variera.

E-post: Använd vårt epostformulär online

Grupp bokningar (10 eller fler passagerare)

Tele: 0330 333 7998

E-post: Använd vårt epostformulär online


Priser för gruppresor

Här är några av fördelarna med att använda flybmi för gruppresor

  • Konkurrenskraftiga priser utan dolda extraavgifter
  • Garanterad prisoffert inom 48 timmar, om inte tidigare
  • Flexibla villkor
  • För alla bokningar som görs mer än sex veckor före avresa krävs endast deposition
  • Fullständig betalning krävs minst sex veckor före avresa, och när betalning har mottagits är den ej återbetalningsbar
  • Namn krävs minst 2 arbetsdagar före avgång. När namn väl har mottagits kan de ej ändras
  • Ändringar kan göras fram till avgångstiden, beroende på tillgänglighet, för 50 GBP/75 EUR per person och per sektor, plus eventuell prisskillnad

Om du har en fråga kring gruppbokningar, ring eller maila oss för att få hjälp från någon i vårt team:

Tele: +44 (0)330 333 7998 (Storbritannien)

Öppettider: Mån-Fre 9:00 till 17:30 lokal brittisk tid

E-post: [email protected]


Our experience

flybmi’s charter services allow customers to hire our aircraft exclusively for private use. Chartering a private jet means you pick your schedule, your choice of departure and your desired destination.

flybmi service a wide range of private charter clients, who choose to avoid large commercial airports, security queues and delays. They prefer to fly on their own schedule: when they want, where they want to. With over 70 years of flying behind us, flybmi have the aircraft, the team and the heritage to create a tailored solution to suit your private charter requirements. We have proven experience in the planning, execution and management of all charter operations worldwide, ensuring individual needs are professionally delivered.

With flybmi, customers can enjoy your choice of onboard service and catering, an unrivalled flying experience with one of the quietest cabins available, enabling all our clients to reach their destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Download our charter brochure

Our private charter clients include:

  • Blue chip corporate firms
  • Major energy companies
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Sports teams
  • Tour operators
  • Pop and rock groups
  • Cargo operators
  • Airlines

Our fleet

Our Embraer 135 and 145 jets all have comfortable leather seating, a range of up to 2,400 km, up to 1,200 kg hold capacity and an exclusive service as standard.

flybmi operates Embraer 135 jets with 37 seats and Embraer 145 jets with 49 seats. The Embraer is a superbly comfortable machine; a low wing T-tail aircraft powered by two rear mounted Rolls-Royce turbofans, with a speed of over 800 km/h and a cruising altitude of 37,000 ft.

We can offer aircraft in a neutral white scheme to suit your requirements.

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Onboard experience

flybmi’s Embraer fleet offers an unrivalled flying experience and is available to charter from a wide range of airports to destinations throughout the UK and Europe. Our all leather cabin delivers the comfort usually only found on private business jets. Tailor your inflight experience to your requirements. All our aircraft have a full galley with hot ovens, ensuring you can have the perfect onboard experience.

Sample route options:

  • Bristol to Aberdeen: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • London (Gatwick) to Reykjavik: 3 hours
  • Edinburgh to Zurich: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • London (Luton) to Manchester: 35 minutes
  • Rotterdam to Lisbon: 2 hours 55 minutes
  • London (Farnborough) to Faro: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Lisbon to Agadir: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Nice to Athens: 2 hours 30 minutes


flybmi can deliver the right aircraft and the right crew for your tailor-made wet-lease solution today.

Whatever your requirement is, flybmi can provide a tailor-made aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI) wet-lease to suit your needs. If you have operational, technical or AOG issues, or even planned maintenance that could cause disruption to your flying programme, we can quickly place an aircraft into your schedule to maintain your operation, minimise delays and ensure schedule integrity.

We have the capability and expertise to deliver fast solutions to prevent further delays or cancellations to airlines in the UK, Europe and even worldwide at very short notice, reducing your potential compensation payments. Typically, we can launch aircraft within two hours of confirmation.

Perhaps you are a start-up airline looking to bring forward your launch date or an airline needing additional capacity to take advantage of new opportunities. flybmi has both the capability and expertise to deliver your schedule. No matter how long-term or short-term your ACMI requirements, we can deliver a tailor-made solution.

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Oil and gas industry

flybmi has proven experience in the planning, execution and management of air charter for the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas industry needs to ship teams of people where they are required day or night. However, crew exchanges are often required in remote areas, so moving oil and gas crew can be challenging if not handled by an experienced team. flybmi offers a cost-effective, fast and reliable option for delivery of personnel to your locations. Our Embraer aircraft give us the ability to fly into airports and runways that are much closer to your drill site or service location. We tailor your solution to match your needs and can arrange every aspect of the journey from reservations, passenger manifest, check-in arrangements, security or even special baggage requirements.

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Our expertise

  • flybmi is fully accredited under the IATA Operational Safety Audit
  • (IOSA) Programme
  • All flybmi crew are EASA licensed
  • All flybmi crew and aircraft are CAT ll capable.
  • Working with flybmi means you receive the perfect ACMI equipment:
  • A professional crew, operational excellence and the standards you would
  • expect from an airline with a 70 year heritage
  • A brand with pedigree that gives you assurance

Contact the flybmi charter department:

24 hour line: +44 (0)1224 401 900
Charter direct line: +44 (0)7734 970 418

Contact us via our contact form


For information on PEP fares, please contact your flybmi sales representative who will advise the rate:

UK: [email protected]

Belgium: [email protected]

Germany: [email protected]

Nordic countries: [email protected]

BM Carrier Relationship Landscape 9th Nov 2016IATA CODEMITACodeshareSPAIET
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IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements (MITA)

The IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements (MITA) is an agreement whereby passengers and cargo use a standard traffic document (i.e. passenger ticket or air waybill) to travel on various modes of transport involved in a routing in order to reach a final destination.

IET (Interline Electronic Ticketing)

The link between two carrier host systems to allow a booking to be ticketed on each carriers paper stock so the itinerary appears on one ticket to ease check in. This allows helps in Disruption cases.

SPA (Special Prorate Agreement)

Contract between airlines to allow revenue settlement on interline itineraries, enables carriers to publish fares using another carriers network.


Solution where each carrier can place there airline code on theanother carriers service.

Operating codeshare is where the airline is flying the route, Marketing Codeshare where a carrier places its two letter airline designator onto another airlines flight number

Customer communication for flight disruptions

It is important to keep our customers updated in the event that there are any disruptions to their travel plans. Please, can you enter their contact details in the relevant contact details when making the booking in the APE and also APM field. By having their contact email address and mobile number flybmi will ensure that wherever possible we will send relevant flight updates. Please note that these contact details will not be used for any other purpose than flight disruption updates.