Unaccompanied Minors

bmi regional offers an Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) service for children travelling alone. A child between the ages of 5 to 11 years (inclusive) can travel using this service on bmi regional operated flights.

Cost of Service

In addition to the airfare, there will be a supervision charge for bmi operated flights of £100/ €114 per flight each way per passenger for each unaccompanied minor.

NOTE: you cannot book an unaccompanied minor online – you will have to call our call centre number (see below). As this service cannot be booked online, we will waive our call centre reservations fee.

Young adults or teenagers between 12-15 years, travelling alone, are not designated as unaccompanied children or minors, but are regarded as ‘young passengers’. If parents or guardians wish to opt for the unaccompanied minors service for such passengers, then the applicable supervision fee can be paid and the young passenger will be designated as an unaccompanied minor.

How to Book

It is important that you request the Unaccompanied Children service when you book, as bmi regional can only take a limited number of unaccompanied children on individual flights.

Here’s what to do to make sure your child is looked after:

  • If you have booked online through www.flybmi.com, please call the bmi regional Customer Contact Centre:
    • Telephone (UK Callers): 0330 333 7998 (Calls to this number are free of charge)
    • Telephone (International Callers): +44 330 333 7998
  • If you have booked through a travel agent, please book this service with them directly
  • Pay the supervision fee at the time of booking
  • Give at least 24 hours notice of your flight – requests made within 24 hours are only accepted on a discretionary basis by bmi regional reservations
  • Make sure all the appropriate documentation has been completed, including visas, vaccinations, passports and relevant flight insurance

Information Required

In order for us to help plan your child’s journey, please let us know the following:

  • Age and date of birth of your child
  • If they have any allergies or special needs
  • Full name, address and contact telephone number of the parent or guardian taking your child to the airport of departure. It is essential that this person remains at the airport until the flight has departed
  • The full name, address and contact number of the parent or guardian meeting your child at the airport of arrival
  • The person collecting your child from the airport must be able to provide formal identification.

What time should you arrive at Check-in if your child is unaccompanied?

You should arrive with your child at least 60 minutes prior to departure. Our staff will ask you for the forms to be completed at the first point departure airport, before we accept your child.

Important Exemptions

If a child is travelling on a partner or code share operated flight, such as Lufthansa Airlines or Brussels Airlines operated flight – where the flight can have a flight number beginning with ‘LH’ or ‘SN’ you must contact their call centre seperately to bmi regional. These numbers are available on www.lh.com or www.brusselsairlines.com. You will be notified if your trip involves a partner operated flight before completing your booking.

We can only accept responsibility for unaccompanied children who have a flight itinerary issued on a single ticket with one booking reference. This policy applies to all connecting flights (bmi regional to bmi regional, bmi regional with other carriers and all codeshare flights). Passengers choosing to purchase separate tickets should make arrangements for the child to be met and cared for at the transfer point.

Unfortunately, we cannot take children on:

  • Any itineraries which involve a night-stop
  • A transfer / stopover that exceeds 4 hours
  • A transfer / connection between airports within the same city
  • A standby basis
  • Connecting itineraries booked on separate tickets.

Children with an Italian passport

When travelling out of Italy, Children, under 14 years of age, must hold a completed ‘Dichiarazione di Affido’. This paperwork can be obtained from a local police office.

  • This completed form must be carried with your child’s passport. Should the form not be completed travel will be denied.
  • If you do not live in Italy the authorisation can be issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

Due to these restrictions any child under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or over

What happens if the aircraft is diverted or delayed?

Once the flight departs, the aircraft may have to make an unscheduled landing, either returning to the departure airport or going to an alternate airport. Also, a connecting flight could be delayed or cancelled. bmi regional will contact the persons responsible for picking up or dropping off the child and make alternate arrangements. This could include arranging alternative transportation back to the original airport, arranging a later flight to the original destination, or arranging a flight to an alternative where a responsible adult can pick up the child.

A child who is flying alone, but who is not using the airline’s unaccompanied child program will likely be treated as any other passenger. Your child should tell an airline representative of their travel situation, but that is no guarantee that the airline will be willing or able to offer any additional services.

If the flight is delayed overnight, bmi regional will contact the parents/guardian to advise them, however bmi regional will not take responsibility for overnight accommodation for an unaccompanied child and will inform the local authorities who will take charge of the child until alternative arrangements can be made.