Travelling with Small Children or While Pregnant

Travelling with a Buggy

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Priority boarding
Buggy drop off and pick up at the aircraft side for buggies 5kg and under
1 Buggy up to 10kg can be checked in additionally to your allocated free hold baggage.

Booking for Children

Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years old or over. Unaccompanied children booked online will be refused boarding.

Find out more regarding what to do if you have children who need to travel unaccompanied
Booking for Infants

Infants under the age of 2 years are charged at 10% of the adult fare on bmi regional operated flights if they do not occupy a seat. Infants must sit on an adult’s lap. This rule may differ when booked with a partner airline. Please contact the relevant airline for more details.

If you are travelling with an infant who is two during your journey, they must by law, occupy a seat on any return flight on or after their birthday. Please contact bmi regional to reserve a seat at the relevant fare.

Child car seats can be used for infants between the ages of six months and three years. Infants using a car seat must pay the appropriate children’s fare. Bookings for infants in car seats cannot currently be booked online and must be made via the bmi regional Call Centre, who can be contacted by telephone on +44 (0) 330 333 7998.
Travelling with Babies

Babies must not travel for the first seven days after birth. Premature babies and babies under medical supervision may only travel after medical clearance and must be accompanied by an approved medical escort.

You are permitted to take one fully collapsible stroller (weighing 5kg or less) to the departure gate. This will be returned to you at the aircraft side. Prams and travel systems which are bulky and weigh over 5kg should be checked in. You will be able to collect your stroller from the baggage carousel upon arrival at the destination airport. Please note if your journey includes a sector not operated by bmi regional then different conditions may apply.
Expectant Mothers

Travelling While Pregnant

Although pregnancy is not considered to be a medical condition and you are able to travel until quite late into your pregnancy, please note that:

  • You can travel up to the end of the 36th week for single pregnancies and the end of the 32nd week for multiple births (e.g. twins)
  • After the end of the 30th week of pregnancy, you need to carry a certificate from your doctor or midwife confirming the estimated date of delivery and that there are no complications with your pregnancy
  • Please consider your return journey when you make your reservation
  • You are not recommended to travel within seven days of giving birth
  • New born babies under 7 days old may not be accepted for travel