Code of Practice

As part of our commitment to improve services for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), bmi regional, along with a number of other major European airlines, is implementing a voluntary code of practice. The purpose of the Code of Practice is to improve the accessibility of air travel to people with reduced mobility, by ensuring your needs are understood and provided for, and that your safety and dignity is respected.

This Code of Practice covers several commitments.  Here is our synopsis.

Service Standards with Respect to the Carriage of Passengers with Reduced Mobility

  1. All our customers with reduced mobility have the same rights as other citizens to freedom of movement and freedom of choice. We will endeavour to make sure that this applies to air travel as to all other areas in life.
  2. We will do our best to ensure we meet your needs. However, you can help us by discussing your needs in advance, (at least 48 hours) so that we can arrange to have the necessary equipment and staff available when required.
  3. If you require any information to help plan your journey, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members, who will try to help you. If they can not provide the information required, they will assist by guiding you in the correct direction.
  4. As a valued customer of ours we will not charge you for the carriage of basic mobility equipment nor for any assistance provided in transferring you from check-in to your aircraft seat or visa versa.
  5. If oxygen is required on the aircraft, customers can use their own oxygen supply, subject to approval of the equipment for carriage by our Dangerous Goods obtain approval, details of the equipment should be provided to the bmi regional Customer Contact Centre (0330 333 7998).
  6. To help us ensure we fully understand your needs, we regularly consult with Government working groups, which include various organisations representing customers with reduced mobility.
  7. On joining us our staff will be given appropriate training in understanding and meeting the needs of customers with reduced mobility. Guidelines are also published in our procedural manuals for their reference.
  8. We will do our best at your request to allow you to remain independent to the greatest possible extent when you travel with us. By advising a staff member of your wishes, we will ensure that we do all possible to meet your needs. The safety of yourself, your fellow passengers and our staff will always take precedence.

Practices in Respect of Customers with Reduced Mobility

  1. We will not refuse to carry any customers with reduced mobility except where they cannot safely be carried or cannot physically be accommodated. If we should refuse to carry you, then we will explain clearly and explicitly the reason for refusal.
  2. If you advise us that you are self reliant and capable of taking care of your physical needs independently during the flight, we will respect your wishes.
  3. We are continually pursuing technical and operational options for improving access and facilities on aircraft of all sizes, particularly when major refurbishment is undertaken.
  4. We will endeavour to ensure that the arrangements we have in place for embarkation and disembarkation will respect the dignity of our customers with reduced mobility to the greatest extent possible.
  5. When space permits onboard our aircraft, we will do our best to provide onboard equipment / facilities to aid your self-reliance onboard the aircraft within the limits of health, safety and hygiene. All our aircraft are fitted with a number of lifting arm rests at selected seat rows to facilitate access/egress for passengers with reduced mobility.
  6. Certified Assistance Dogs will be carried in the cabin, subject to national importation and airline regulations. When we carry your dog, rest assured, we won’t charge. Nor will we charge you for the carriage of basic mobility equipment.
  7. We will make sure that all reasonable steps are taken to avoid loss or damage to your mobility equipment or other disability devices. Should loss or damage occur we would endeavour to make appropriate arrangement to meet your immediate mobility needs.