New routes from Birmingham to Graz, Gothenburg and Nuremberg!

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Flights from Birmingham to Graz

Graz is the capital of Styria and the second largest city in Austria.

bmi regional are delighted to commence flights from Birmingham to Graz on 27 February 2017 with two flights a week, increasing to four weekly flights from March onwards.

Fly direct from Birmingham to Graz

Our Timetable.

Birmingham to Graz Graz to Birmingham
BM1401  M——  BHX 07:30  GRZ  10:40 BM1402  M——  GRZ  11:10  BHX  12:40
BM1405  —-F–  BHX  11:25  GRZ 14:35 BM1406  —-F–  GRZ  15:05  BHX  16:35
BM1405  M——  BHX 13:15  GRZ 16:25 BM1406  M——  GRZ  16:55  BHX  18:25
BM1407  —T— BHX  16:00 GRZ  19:10 BM1408  —T—  GRZ   19:40  BHX  21:10

Flights from Birmingham to Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the second largest city and the unofficial capital of Franconia an energetic place  where the nightlife is intense and the beer is a dark as coffee. As one of Bavaria’s biggest draws it is alive with visitors  all year round.

Flights between Birmingham and Nuremberg will commence on Monday 08 May 2017.


Flights from Birmingham to Nuremberg

Our Timetable.

Birmingham to Nuremberg Nuremberg to Birmingham
BM1421  —–S-  BHX  08:00  NUE  10:45 BM1422  —–S-  NUE  11:15  BHX  12:00
BM1423  —T—  BHX  11:25  NUE  14:10 BM1424   —T— NUE  14:40  BHX  15:25
BM1427  M——  BHX  18:55  NUE  21:40 BM1428  M——  NUE  22:10  BHX  22:55
BM1427  -TW-F-S  BHX  18:20  NUE  21:05 BM1428  -TW-F-S   NUE  21:35  BHX  22:20

Fly from Birmingham to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city situated on the west cost, Göta älv river. Known as an important seaport and for its Dutch style canals and leafy boulevards lined with many cafes and shops.

bmi regional will commence flights between Birmingham and Gothenburg on Monday 08 May 2017.

Flights from Birmingham to Gothenburg

Our Timetable.

Birmingham to Gothenburg Gothenburg to Birmingham
BM1441  —TF–  BHX  06:20   GOT  09:20 BM1442  —TF–  GOT  09:50  BHX  10:55
BM1443  M——  BHX  11:20   GOT  14:20 BM1444  M——  GOT  14:50  BHX  15:55
BM1443  -TW—S  BHX  13:15    GOT  16:15 BM1444  -TW—S  GOT  16:45  BHX  17:50