Built on the Stavanger Peninsula in south-west Norway, Stavanger is a bustling urban hub built around a core of 18th- and 19th-century wooden houses. Known as the Oil Capital of Norway, Stavanger is the centre of Norway’s booming oil industry and boasts a lovely maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters.

Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger counts its official founding date as 1125 – the same year that the beautiful Stavanger Cathedral was completed, though it existed as a town before then. Rebuilt in the Gothic style after a fire in 1272, the cathedral houses a stunning Baroque pulpit and a stone font dating back to the Gothic period.


Just a the Lyselfjord Safari few hours from the city itself lies the breathtaking Preikestolen, or 'Preacher's Pulpit'. This 600-metre-high flat-topped crag overlooks the Stavanger fjord and its sheer drop provides an unbelievable view. Reachable by both car and ferry, followed by a two-hour hike, Preikestolen is not for the faint of heart.

the Sverd I Fjell

Arguably the most hardcore monument of all time, the Sverd I Fjell is three giant metal Viking swords planted point down in a hill. The monument commemorates the battle of Hafrsfjord, which resulted in western Norway being united under a single monarch for the first time.

the Lyselfjord Safari

Explore the twisted waterways of the fjords around Stavanger with the Lyselfjord Safari. This RIB boat tour winds through the never-ending cliffs and forests of the fjord with plenty of stops for sightseeing and photography.

street art

Despite being dominated by old-fashioned wooden architecture, Stavanger has deliberately cultivated an incredible amount of street art around its city centre. Focused around the annual Nuart street art festival, photographers and Instagrammers dare not miss a wander through Stavanger's beautiful city centre.

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