Founded in the 11th century, Rostock is a relatively small German city built along the banks of the Warnow River. Despite its size, Rostock boasts a long history of being a seat of power right up until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Modern Rostock is a picturesque city filled with many Gothic buildings balanced against modern skyscrapers.

the Marienkirche

In Rostock's centre stands the Marienkirche. Built in the 13th century, this small church was the only one to survive World War II unscathed. A special attraction is the church's 12-metre-high astrological clock with its calendar of replaceable disks, which has been accurate for 130 years!

the Alter Strom canal

Part of the greater Rostock metropole, the town of Warnemünde faces right onto the Baltic Sea and is a regular stop for cruise ships. Relax at a restaurant along the Alter Strom canal while enjoying delicious local food and beer or take a boat trip out into the Baltic from the harbour.

Warnemünde Beach

Just down the road from Alter Strom, travellers can visit the Warnemünde Beach. Over 5km long and one of the widest beaches on the Baltic Sea, Warnemünde Beach is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

Zoologischer Garten Rostock

Families with kids will want to check out the Zoologischer Garten Rostock, or Rostock Zoo. Ranked as one of the best zoos in Europe, its home to a number of animals. Pop into the Darwineum for a crash course on the wonders of evolution and the Big Bang.

Stasi Pre-Trial Prison

Explore the darker side of Rostock's history at the Stasi Pre-Trial Prison. More than 4900 people were interrogated in this infamous building by the East German secret police, which now houses an extensive exhibition on the history of the Stasi. English audio guides are available.

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