Famous for its position as the heart of French culture and cuisine, Paris is one of the most well-known cities in the world. Coming into the city from Charles de Gaulle airport, travellers are guaranteed a visit filled with romance, food and the astonishing art that city is home to.

The Rue des Martyrs

Even its streets have their own distinct cultures and atmospheres. The Rue des Martyrs bustles with bakeries, butcheries, and cheese shops and has acted as a central market for over two hundred years. Older shops share this historic street with high-end boutiques, pastry shops, and chocolatiers.

The Louvre

Paris has its share of famous landmarks, of course. The Louvre is arguably the best art gallery in the world and contains incredible pieces like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo in its over 200 000 square m2 of exhibition space.


The great cathedral of Notre-Dame has hosted the weddings of kings and queens and the crowning of Napoleon as Emperor. Its exquisite, gargoyle-encrusted exterior hides a truly stunning interior lit by the stained glass of its famous Rose Window.

the Paris Catacombs

Descend under the streets to explore the dizzying, labyrinth of the Paris Catacombs. Built in 1785 to solve the problem of Paris's overflowing cemeteries, these bone-lined passages are a macabre and fascinating place to visit. Book in advance to guarantee a time slot and audio guide, and to avoid the queue.


After a long day exploring, cool down with a drink at famous rooftop bar Perchoir. With its extensive cocktail menu and spectacular view across the city to the Eiffel Tower, Perchoir is the perfect place to relax and watch as the sun sets over Paris' rooftops.

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