Nearly a thousand years old, the Bavarian city of Nuremberg is a great destination to visit for both history buffs and foodies. With its long and tumultuous history, Nuremberg is most commonly known as the site of the famous Nuremberg trials but it offers a deep variety of tourist attractions too.


Explore Nuremberg's medieval history at the Weinstadel. Located on the river-side of the Historical Mile, this ancient wine warehouse is a masterpiece of Bavarian architecture. While it was damaged in a bombing during World War II, the structure has been fully restored and is open for visits.

Fascination and Terror

Nuremberg doesn't shy away from the darker parts of its history either. The incomplete Nazi Party Rally Grounds now host a permanent exhibition called “Fascination and Terror”, which chronicles the rise of the Nazi party and the myths they used to build their power base.

Zum Guldenen Stern

For foodies, Zum Guldenen Stern is well worth a visit. As the oldest bratwurst restaurant in the world, it serves the authentic Bavarian sausage prepared according to ancient recipes. Grab a bratwurst or traditionally-made steak alongside Bavarian fasskraut and local beer here.

Christmas Market

During the festive season, Nuremberg hosts a massive Christmas Market, which is one of the most popular in Germany. Set in the cobblestone streets of Old Town, this market has been running since the 16th century and has managed to carefully preserve its rustic charm.

backyard flea markets

Finally, backyard flea markets are a regular occurrence in Nuremberg and a must-visit for travellers looking to stray from the beaten path. While there will always be a lot of random odds and ends, astute travellers can also find incredible bargains and some amazing products.

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