Norwich is an affluent, tourist-friendly gem in the east of England. A mix of medieval buildings, bustling markets, and a big student population make Norwich a great destination for both historically-minded and modernist tourists.

Norwich Market

Open every day except Sunday, Norwich Market is the largest open-air market in England and is a must-see shopping attraction. From clothes to jewellery, flowers to children's toys, Norwich Market is retail therapy at its best. After a long day of shopping, visit any of the local food stalls to fuel up on hog roast, fish and chips or delicious freshly-baked bread.

Norwich Cathedral

With its massive 96-metre spire dominating the skyline, the Norwich Cathedral is an architectural marvel. Its cloister is the second largest in England and has over 1000 bosses depicting Biblical scenes. Explore the cathedral with a guided tour or visit the high-tech displays in the Hostry.

Adam & Eve pub

Just down the road from the cathedral is the Adam & Eve pub, which has been open for business since 1249. Originally catering to the workers building the cathedral, this tiny pub now draws visitors with fine malt whiskies and real ales. It's also a popular attraction for ghost hunters and is the starting point for the two-hour Man in Black ghost walk, which includes dinner at the pub.

Norwich Castle

Across the city centre from the cathedral, Norwich Castle is built on a large artificial mound and was constructed by King William II. Now home to an extensive art gallery and history museum, the castle is a must-visit for art fans with its examples from the famous Norwich school of painting and pieces from English and Dutch masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum is also located beneath the castle.

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