Nicknamed “Sweden’s Manchester”, Norrköping is a picturesque town built along the Motala ström river. A thriving industrial hub in the 17th century and only 160km from Stockholm, Norrköping is now a hip cultural centre with a rich history.

Norrköping's Industrial Landscape

Norrköping's Industrial Landscape is a modernised industrial area boasting well-preserved woolen spinning mills and cotton factories. Situated along the banks of the Motala Ström, the popular tourist area has a string of bars and restaurants. Have that camera ready – the magnificent factory buildings are a sight to behold.

Visualisation Centre C

The humbly-named Visualisation Centre C is on the cutting edge of visualisation research and is open for public visits and interactive exhibitions. Its massive and immersive 3D full-dome theatre is a complete multisensory experience that is guaranteed to leave visitors blown away.

Arbetets Museum

Return to Norrköping's working-class past at the Arbetets Museum or Museum of Work. Located in the famous Iron building in the middle of the Motala ström, its collection spans the three centuries of Norrköping's industrial heyday. Housing both a restaurant and café, the Museum is also a great midday stop while exploring Norrköping.

Knäppingsborg quarter

Wander the historic 18th-century streets and squares of the Knäppingsborg quarter and get a real sense of how people lived in Norrköping at its height. Now filled with a plethora of restaurants and shops, the Knäppingsborg quarter is the perfect marriage of old and new Norrköping.

Kolmården Wildlife Park

Leave the city behind and visit Kolmården Wildlife Park. This 1.5 km2 zoo contains the first dolphinarium in Scandinavia and is a great place to go for families with kids. Glide past lions in the Safari gondola or zoom by at 110km/h on the Wildfire rollercoaster. Kolmården is an easy drive from Norrköping but also offers a range of accommodation options for longer stays.

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