Esbjerg is Denmark's fifth-largest city and while it has developed into an affluent city due to its robust oil and fishing industries, the seaport town has many quirky attractions.

Man Meets the Sea

Esbjerg's most interesting landmark can be found on the waterfront opposite Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet. Towering over the city are four stark-white, 9m-high human figures by sculptor Svend Wiig Hansen. Titled Mennesket ved Havet or 'Man Meets the Sea' in English, the figures sit rigidly as they stare out to the sea.

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet

Gather the family and travel 4km northwest of the city centre to Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet. The saltwater aquarium at the Fisheries & Maritime Museum has assorted local sealife, a sealarium and indoor and outdoor exhibitions on Danish fisheries and shipping.

Ribe Vikinge Center

Ribe Vikinge Center is a heritage centre cum time machine transporting visitors back to when the Vikings ruled Ribe. The centre presents authentic reconstructions of blacksmiths, the King's minter, the warrior, the falconer and more who resided here over 1300 years ago. The centre also offers daily activities and provides an excellent insight into Viking Age agriculture.

Sand's Restaurant

Visit Sand's Restaurant for a bite to eat. The 100-year-old establishment is very popular with locals and serves delicious Danish cuisine such as smørrebrød, meatballs, smoked eels and classic bøf (beef).

The island of Fanø

Visitors who want to escape the busy city can jump on a boat and head to the intimate island of Fanø just 12 minutes away. With long stretches of white sandy beach, blooming gardens and quaint cafes, there's no reason not to make the trip.

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