Located in northern Italy, Bergamo is a multi-faceted destination. The city is just 40km from Milan and 30km from the spectacularly serene and beautiful Lakes Como and Iseo. It’s also a gateway city to the Italian Alps.

The city itself is split into two sections, the older ‘Upper City’ and the more modern ‘Lower City’. The Upper City is surrounded by Venetian walls and features many historical attractions, museums and places of interest including the Citadel, Cathedral and Castle.

The ‘Lower City’ is defined as Bergamo’s business and residential district. Amongst the businesses based here are Italcementi, one of the world’s largest cement producers and UBI Group, an Italian banking group. The Lower City is also home to Bergamo’s shopping district, which is almost entirely located on one street.

In 2017 Bergamo’s Venetian walls became Italy’s 53rd Unesco World Heritage site.

The Venetian walls were built by the Republic of Venice between 15th and 17th centuries to defend the town of Bergamo and control its surrounding area. The walls are more than six kilometers long and at some points are over fifty meters in height.

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