Located in the North East of Scotland, the historical city of Aberdeen has become an energy capital in recent years.


Located in the heel of the Italian boot, Bari is southern Italy's second-largest town and Puglia's capital.


Elegant and hi-tech at the same time, Bologna has cemented itself as one of northern Italy's most interesting cities.


Famous for its maritime history and friendly residents, Bristol offers a diverse range of attractions.


With its experimental architecture and lively café and club scene, Brno is much more than just a transit stop.


Brussels is Belgium's capital and the administrative capital of the EU.


Derry isn't only Northern Ireland's second-largest city but an artistic and cultural hub of note.


Ireland’s capital is one of the most youthful cities in Europe and boasts a famously energetic nightlife.


With its unbelievable architecture and burgeoning fashion and art scene, Düsseldorf ranks right up there with the world's high-profile cities.

East Midlands

Tucked away in a peaceful corner of the country, the East Midlands delight visitors with its vastness.


Edinburgh is Scotland's capital. Compact and constantly bustling, the city is home to the largest arts festival in the world.


Esbjerg is Denmark's fifth-largest city and while it has developed into an affluent city due to its robust oil and fishing industries.


World-class art, architecture and gourmet cuisine collide in Florence, Tuscany's capital.


Home to one of the world's largest stock exchanges and the European Central Bank but Frankfurt is unexpectedly traditional and charming too.


Scotland's largest city has evolved over recent years to become one of Britain's hidden gems.


Founded as a mostly Dutch trading colony in the 17th century, Gothenburg is now the second-largest city in Sweden.


Built along the River Elbe, Hamburg is laced with waterways and canals and has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined.


From the beautiful River Ness to the historic Inverness Castle and St Andrews Cathedral, Inverness has a lot to offer.


The Bosphorus strait divides Turkey’s largest city into two halves making it one of the world’s most intriguing cities to explore.


Often referred to as The Pearl of the Lake, Jonkoping lies on the southern shore of Vattern, Sweden's second-largest lake.


Known as one the sunniest towns in Sweden, Karlstad even has a statue of a friendly local waitress known as Sola i Karlstad, or the Sun in Karlstad.


Orkney stands at the divide between the East and West mainland. Kirkwall is an Ancient Norse town Founded by Earl Rognvald Brusason in the 11th century.


The capital of both England and the United Kingdom, this sprawling metropolis straddles the River Thames.


Lublin is the largest city in southeastern Poland with a buzzing cultural and university scene.


Nicknamed 'The Capital of the North', Manchester is widely considered to be the world's first industrialised city.


Milan is regarded as the fashion capital of the world, and its long and storied history also means that it has a vibrant historical and cultural scene.


Munich is not only a cultural centre but also an industrial powerhouse.


Famous for its nightlife and the Geordie accent, this vibrant city is one of the top city-break destinations in the UK.


A thriving industrial hub in the 17th century and only 160km from Stockholm, Norrköping is now a hip cultural centre with a rich history.


A mix of medieval buildings, bustling markets, and a big student population make Norwich a great destination for both historically-minded and modernist tourists.


Nearly a thousand years old, the Bavarian city of Nuremberg is a great destination to visit for both history buffs and foodies.


The capital of Norway, Oslo is a bustling, contemporary city tucked between forests and the ocean.


Famous for its position as the heart of French culture and cuisine, Paris is one of the most well-known cities in the world.


Modern Rostock is a picturesque city filled with many Gothic buildings balanced against modern skyscrapers.


Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland has considerable historical charm.


Stavanger is the centre of Norway's booming oil industry and boasts a lovely maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters.


The beautiful natural harbour serves as a backdrop to the 'capital' in this remote corner of the country.


Surrounded by one of Germany's largest wine-growing regions and home to an acclaimed ballet, opera and philharmonic orchestra this city has something for everyone.


Sheer cliffs take chunks out of Sumburgh Head on both sides and often the walls of long abandoned dwellings teeter right on the edges of steep precipices.


Located on numerous small islands in the north-east of Italy, Venice is a city famous for its many canals and charming gondola rides.


The setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Verona is located on the Adige river in Veneto, Italy.


Straddling the River Wick the town is worth a visit for its superb museum and its attractive harbour area.