Can I use a child's car seat for my infant on board the flight?

Children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years are permitted to travel in a forward facing car seat approved by the CAA and will pay the same as an adult fare.

Please note the car seat needs to be forward facing, have a single quick release harness straps must be a width of 1”, and be of fixed shell construction.

Child Seats

  1. Child car seats can be used for infants between the ages of 6 months and 3 years (infants under six months must be secured by means of a child restraint).
  2. The “seat” must not be located in a row of seats which is adjacent to an emergency exit.
  3. The child seat should only be placed on seat ‘F’.
  4. The child seat must be pre-boarded and secured to the aircraft seat before the child is seated.
  5. At least one seat adjacent to a child seat shall be occupied by a physically able person, of not less than 14 years, who is responsible for the occupant of the child seat.
  6. The seat and its harness must be designed so that the child can easily and quickly be secured in or removed from it.
  7. The harness must be a minimum of 1 inch wide and must include lap, shoulder and crotch straps, to ensure the child is properly secured.
  8. The seat, or any part of it, must not show any obvious signs of having sustained damage.
  9. The seat must be of a width that allows the armrest to be lowered.
  10. Any manufacturer’s seat meeting these requirements may be accepted.

Note: American child car seats are also accepted on condition that they meet all the requirements detailed in this section. On no account can a rearward-facing seat be accepted.

A car seat can be accepted provided it conforms to the 10 points above.