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Stavanger is rich in culture as well as having stunning views of mountains and beaches.

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City Guide
  • There’s lots of places to stay in the region of Stavanger, from hotels to cottages and even lighthouses. There are hotels located in the centre which are close to all amenities but you can also stay at a hotel on Sola beach. If you want to try something different then you could stay in a lighthouse on the Jaeren coast. For example, the Obrestad Lighthouse and Feinstein Lighthouse can be stayed in for a different experience.

  • If you like trying different types of food then Stavanger is great for traditions such as sun-ripened tomatoes and lamb trotters. The region of Stavanger is famous for foods such as shellfish, dairy, fruit and various meats. If you’re passionate about food then you will like Stavanger as it is home to the Gastronomic Institute of Norway and also the Maltidets Hus, which is the national centre for food professionals.

  • There are plenty of activities for people of all interests in Stavanger. You could go on a cruise on the Lysefjord or even visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. If visiting with the family, the Kongeparken theme park is a popular attraction. Within the city centre, you can reach most of the landmarks and attractions by foot. For example, there are museums and sculptures to be visited.
    If you prefer outdoor activities, then you could go fishing, surfing or even canoeing. The stunning views of the Lysefjord can be seen all year round and this can be reached easily by sightseeing boat tours that depart from the Stavanger harbour.

  • From the airport

    It takes around 30 minutes to travel from the airport to the centre of Stavanger. There is a shuttle bus that leaves the airport for the city centre every 20 minutes. This bus conveniently stops at several hotels in the city centre as well as the main train station. There’s plenty of car hire companies based at the airport if you prefer to drive yourself.

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