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City Guide
  • The city of Rostock sits just seven miles from the Baltic Sea on the banks of the river Warnow; in summer the seaside resorts nearby are a fun and easy escape. It’s one of the Hanseatic cities, a league of maritime trading centres that grouped together in the 15th century and as such has a rich history and charming architecture. So there are churches, city walls and pretty gabled houses to explore.
    Business travellers visit the city thanks to its thriving shipbuilding and high-tech IT industries. Amongst the high profile businesses in the area are Caterpillar Inc, known for its production of diesel engines for ships, and wind turbine producer Nordex SE.

  • Accommodation ranges from hotels near the train station to cheap apartments and guest houses near Rostock-Laage Airport, making staying easy access and simple to find.

  • Café Central is a popular café loved by Students, artists, hipsters and suited-up there’re also a lot of cheap ethnic restaurants nearby/ local to the area for some variety

  • Explore Rostock and visit fascinating locations such as:  Marienkirche a 13th century church that survived WWII unscathed , Karls a petting zoo with shops, playgrounds, cafés and fresh strawberry ice cream from their strawberry fields and Kulthistorisches museum shows the cultural history of Rostock, just to name a few.

  • By Taxi

    The airport staff can provide you with information and contact details for local taxi firms. The information can be found by calling +49 (0) 38454 321 390 or emailing

    Car Rental

    At Rostock-Laage Airport you can hire cars from many large rental agents and return them back to the airport with ease.

    By Bus

    The number 127 regional bus route in Rostock, operated by rebus, travels from the ZOB (central bus station) in Rostock via Rostock-Steintor to Rostock-Laage Airport and transports people arriving and departing. The Airport Ticket is valid in the county and city of Rostock. Buy the Airport Ticket directly from the bus driver or at the ticket automat of RSAG or DB

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