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City Guide
  • Norrköping City Guide

    Nicknamed ‘Little Manchester’ thanks to its history of textile and paper production, Norrkoping once laid claim to producing 70% of all textiles made in Sweden. Today the city uses its location, by the mouth of the Motala Strom river, for more pleasurable purposes, having transformed the defunct canals and mills into stylish places to drink, dine and relax. Visitors can explore the city on foot or via the retro trams.

    Other attractions include Visualization Center C, set up by Linköping University, which showcases the latest scientific and technological advances in a highly interactive and visual way and is very engaging for all ages – and by way of contrast, Abackarna, a lovely trail in a beautiful natural setting that is close to the city centre but seems a world away.

    First time in Norrköping? Then you have a fantastic city to discover! In the heart of the city, you’ll find the beautiful Industrial Landscape, whose textile factories are long gone and beautiful buildings are now home to the university and creative companies, restaurants, a concert hall and our tourist office. Strömmen’s swirling water flows through the city, like its lifeblood, offering tranquillity and challenges – you can even fish in the centre of the city! There are lots of salmon, and if you’re lucky you may even see them spawn in the salmon ladder in Strömparken.

    A characteristic feature of Norrköping is of course our yellow trams, which offer an easy way to discover the city! Drottninggatan, in the centre, is our biggest shopping street, where trams and shops jostle for space. Along the same street, you’ll find shopping centres with plenty of shopping and a little further down, nice little shops. Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and Knäppingsborg are other nice suggestions with small, charming shops including some where you can buy locally produced food over the counter.

    In Norrköping, you can visit everything from Sweden’s biggest music festival – Bråvalla Festival – to the August Festival, when the whole city makes it way out onto the streets and squares. The popular Culture Night falls on the last Saturday in September with music in every corner, small galleries that open their doors, many restaurants that adorn their premises with art, and fires that warm you into the night. On New Year’s Eve, the city is filled with cressets, enchanting dancers, and beautiful and unexpected lights and sounds. It all ends with a magnificent fireworks display before Norrköping’s inhabitants make their way home to start their New Year’s Eve dinners. Every year, more than 40,000 visitors go on the New Year walk through the Industrial Landscape and along Strömmen. You’ll soon understand why.

    Norrköping has incredibly beautiful surroundings. The city is located next to Bråviken, which means that you are always close to the water. The deep forests of Kolmården can take you out on beautiful footpaths, and Kolmården Wildlife Park, the biggest wildlife park in Scandinavia, attracts thousands of visitors every year. Our archipelago has many unspoilt places that can be reached by kayak or Skärgårdslinjen, which operates cruises between the islands and skerries in the summer. We also recommend a tour to Vikbolandet, where you can eat ostrich and turkey and buy locally produced ice cream, surrounded by fertile fields. The tourist magnet Göta Canal is south of the city. If you don’t have a boat – why not cycle along the canal? As we’ve said, there is a lot to discover here.

    We wish you a warm welcome to our city!

  • Hotels in Norrköping

    In town, the countryside, in the archipelago, simple, luxurious. Norrkoping can offer accommodation of all kinds!

    Feel most welcome!

  • Eat & Drink in Norrköping

    Whether in the archipelago, along the coast, in the city or the open countryside, you will find many cosy cafés and restaurants offering memorable experiences for the plate!

    In addition to good food, restaurants and cafés should be able to offer a pleasant atmosphere, good service and fair prices – all things you will find here.

    Welcome to Experience the taste of Norrköping!

  • Explore Norrköping

    Total Shopping Experience

    Norrköping offers a real shopping experience. We have a town centre full of arcades with shops, cafés and experiences. All within an enjoyable walking distance. When you’ve browsed in the arcades along Drottninggatan, just keep walking a few blocks further. There you’ll find several small boutiques. If you don’t know the way you can always ask someone where Knäppingsborg is. Those of us who live in Norrköping are well acquainted with this neighbourhood, which has been lovingly restored to a charming area, full of cosy cafés and restaurants, interior design shops and locally produced food. A short distance from Knäppingsborg is Gamla Stan, the Old Town, which offers a number of intimate small boutiques. Buses go several times an hour, for example to Ingelsta Shopping Area and Mirum Shopping Mall, two vibrant and well-attended shopping centres right outside the town centre area.

    The Industrial Landscape

    Our pride is the Industrial Landscape (Industrilandskapet), a reminder from the textile era when we were called the Manchester of Sweden. Today the Industrial Area is a place for the university, knowledge-based companies and museums with the waters of Strömmen a lively accompaniment to the beautiful buildings. Here too is the Louis De Geer Concert & Congress Hall, formerly the site of paper manufacturing, today a space to experience concerts and conferences. Large conferences are held here and the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and world-renowned artists perform here, only a stone’s throw from the city centre.

    Colourful Events

    Norrköping has an exciting cultural scene, with diverse creators in music, theatre, art, crafts and other forms of expression. Here are stages small and large, small galleries and museums, institutions and freelancers. Every year there are major events that we hope you’ll take the opportunity to experience. Bråvalla Festival is Sweden´s biggest music festival and takes place in Norrköping in the end of June every year. The August Festival is one large folk festival with a funfair, vendors and Musical Fireworks: a sparkling sound and light show for all the senses. When autumn arrives we enjoy both Norrköping’s Film Festival “Flimmer” and the Culture Night. Then, at the darkest time of year, we set up hundreds of thousands of lamps in the trees, illuminate bridges and hang chandeliers up in dark alleys. That toghether with lit artwork made by artist from around the world is what we call Norrköping Light Festival. Norrköping Light Festival is a collaboration with the successful Amsterdam Light Festival. Every year offers new surprises. But perhaps it is on New Year’s Eve that Norrköping shows off its most beautiful side with outdoor candles and lights and magic light shows. A colourful fireworks display becomes a magnificent farewell to the old year and a warm welcome to yet another exciting year in Norrköping.

    Kolmården Wildlife Park

    Norrköping is also home to one of Sweden’s most visited tourist attractions – Kolmården Wildlife Park. Here the animals live in an environment that resembles their own. You can be fascinated by and learn a lot about dolphins, gorillas, birds of prey, tigers – and all the other animals who thrive in the park. Don’t miss the spectacular ride Safari and the dolphin show LIFE. There are plenty of lodging alternatives during your visit to Kolmården or in Norrköping. There are cabins, camping, small and large hotels. The hotel Vildmarkshotellet also has a spa for the whole family.

  • Getting to Norrköping

    By Car

    Norrköping Airport is just 3 km from central Norrköping on the E22 and Söderleden highways, which feed into the E4 highway.

    The easiest way to get around in Norrköping is walking, taking the bus or the yellow trams. Find more info at

    By Taxi

    A taxi between the airport and central Norrköping costs about SEK 150.

    By Bus

    There is no direct bus to Norrköping Airport but there are a few that passes by.

    From/to Söder Tull (central Norrköping)

    • Bus 116 bus stop Smedbygatan (1 km from the airport)
    • Bus 119 bus stop Rambogatan (1,5 km from the airport)

    From/to Resecentrum (Central station)

    • Bus 440/441/444 bus stop Flygplatsen (200 m from the airport)

    To get around in Norrköping the easiest way is by foot, bus or the yellow trams. Find more information at

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