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Fly to Bremen – home of fairytales and legends and World Heritage Sites

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City Guide
  • Bremen City Guide

    Bremen is the third most populous city in Northern Germany, with a history stretching  back to the 9th century. Its townhall and guildhall ooze baroque and renaissance features and are a must see when visiting this historic city. The ‘Roland’ statue is probably the most photographed and recognised in the city. The oldest part of Bremen is the Schnoor quarter, and its expressionist pièce de résistance is Böttcherstrasse.

    Bremen’s harbour is one of the largest in Europe, not surprising given its original status as a Hanseatic League City. It is one of Germany’s favourite cruise ship ports, with cruise ships sailing to destinations across Scandinavia. Bremen is the archetypal Hanseatic city and it wears its mercantile heritage with pride. Legacies of the city’s trading past in and around the market square include the Hanseatic Cross and the Schütting, the seat of the chamber of commerce. Today, the city’s industrial heritage continues, being home to the 2nd largest Airbus factory in Germany, producing the wings for the wide-body Airbus aircraft.

    Bremen is a city of fables and fairytales, best known for the famous Bremen Town Musicians. But they aren’t the only legendary locals – there’s also the seven lazy brothers, the Holtenbeen and the infamous poisoner Gottfried, who still leads people to spit on an inconspicuous stone by the Bremen cathedral to this day!

  • Hotels in Bremen

    Bremen has a wide range of hotels, but it also has one type of accommodation that separates it from many other cities: you can also choose to stay on a boat! You can choose from a small cruiser, a tall ship or a yacht. One of the more interesting places to stay is the Hochzeitshaus-Bremen on Wüste Stätte, probably the smallest hotel in the world – as it has just one room. The hotel is right in the centre of the Schnoor district – with the idea coming from the tradition of small hotels catering for newly wed couples.

    The Hilton on Böttcherstraße is in an excellent location just off the main square with an entrance on the incredible Böttcherstrasse. It also has an impressive spiral staircase at the top of which is the fantastic Himmelsaal.

    The Swissôtel Bremen is in the heart of historic Bremen with a magnificent view over the Bremen city wall and is walking distance to all major attractions


  • Restaurants in Bremen – a taste of the city

    Kale and pinkel, labskaus and knipp: maybe Bremen specialities sound like they might take a bit of getting used to. But that doesn’t make them any less tasty. The city’s proximity to the sea combined with its connections to rural life have shaped traditional cuisine in Bremen. Cuisine in Bremen ranges from traditional Bremen staples to international specialities, so there’s always something to tempt your taste buds.

    The food tastes twice as good when it’s washed down with another Bremen speciality like beer, wine or coffee. Enjoy fresh fish, hearty steaks and fantastic vegetarian dishes. Or, why not try some typical Bremen dishes such as knipp, labskaus, poussin ragout or green cabbage with pinkel sausages?


    Try the Restaurant Alte Gilde, with  friendly restaurant serving regional fare, 500 metres from the market square in the Gewerbehaus, and close to the Schlachte Embankment. Visit the Beck’s in’n Snoor, a cosy restaurant in Bremen’s pretty old quarter serving an extensive range of food and drink on three floors. The Bratwurstglöck’ serves quality grilled sausages served at a pavilion in the city centre next to the town hall. Try the Bremen Ratskeller Restaurant for traditional Bremen specialities and classic German fare served in a historic wine cellar.

  • Explore Bremen – sightseeing

    Bremen is where Beck’s beer is brewed, and has over 1,000 cafes and bars. One of the best places to walk around the city centre is the Schnoor-Viertel with its old medieval buildings. The ‘Altstadt’ or old town has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  The first is Bremen Town Hall or ‘Rathaus’ and the second is the famous statue of the Knight Roland one the main square, considered to be a protector of trade. The Town Musicians of Bremen (Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten) is the statue most associated with Bremen, as they are characters from the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale.

  • Getting to and from Bremen airport

    Flying to Bremen Airport means that you are just 3.5km from the city centre when you land. The airport is one of the closest airports to any city centre in Germany. The number 6 tram departs every 10 minutes from the airport to the city centre. Travelling time from the airport to Bremen’s city centre is 11 minutes.

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