A day at the lakes in Gothenburg

  • 02nd March 2017

Walking through the forest, within the calm and solitude, it’s hard to believe you could be so close to Sweden’s thriving second city, Gothenburg. Sitting firmly on the fence between urban buzz and natural beauty, a break in Gothenburg offers all types of pleasure. Find out how best to enjoy a day at the city’s lakes and lose yourself in nature.

Where to go

There are more lakes in and around Gothenburg than you can shake a fishing rod at! But among the best, and most convenient, is Stora Delsjön. It doesn’t really matter what time of year you are in Gothenburg, this lake is guaranteed to be magical, with views begging to savoured over a coffee or picnic.

What to do

In terms of activities, you can enjoy games of frisbee golf, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking and horse riding in and around Stora Delsjön. Or play it simple, and enjoy a long walk or cycle along the forests network of paths. In summer months, cool off with a swim in the lake’s clean waters.

Stora Delsjön is one of several lakes in the area and having a bike really opens up the forest to you; so it’s well worth renting a bike for the day and having a proper explore!

Set up base

You’ll find cabins with public barbecues, fire pits and picnic tables dotted around the lake. Why not set up base here for the day? Or take advantage of Stora Delsjön’s large grass bank – a popular picnic location. For those who want to truly escape, wandering round the lake, it’s easy to find your own private spot, away from everyone.


If you want to make your day at the lake extra-easy, two cafés – Kaffestugan Lyckan and Bertilssons Stuga – are located at opposite ends of the lake. You pass Kaffestugan Lyckan as soon as you arrive at Stora Delsjön and, with its convenient location and attractive garden (complete with goats and rabbits to feed) it’s a great option if you’re with young children.

Those with more energy, should make the stunning one hour’s walk to Bertilssons Stuga. Housed in a charming, classic Swedish cottage, it has an open fire during winter months and plenty of outdoor seating. It’s the perfect place to take the weight of your feet and enjoy some quality home cooking and refreshment.

How to get there

Take the number 5 tram (towards Östra Sjukhuset) to Topelsgatan – a mere 7 mins ride from Korsvägen in the city center. Then a leisurely 15 mins walk up Topelsgatan (the road opposite the tram stop) to the lake.

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This article is written by Rob Griffith-Jones. Proud Brummie and resident in Gothenburg since 2012. Co-Founder of thisisgothenburg.com ­– the unofficial guide to Gothenburg.