Online Check-in

  • How do I check in online for my flight?
  • How far in advance of my flight can I check-in on-line?
  • I have misplaced my boarding card, can I reprint this?
  • I am taking checked baggage. Can I still check in on-line?
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  • Advice for items carried in checked baggage
  • How much checked baggage can I take when travelling on an Sale/Classic/ClassicPlus ticket?
  • How much checked baggage can I take when travelling on an Executive fare?
  • How do I pre-book sporting equipment such as golf clubs or a bicycle or musical instruments?
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Special Travel Needs

  • What electronics can I use onboard?
  • What are the current liquid restrictions
  • I require wheelchair assistance. How do I book it?
  • Can I fly with my guide dog?
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My bmi regional booking

  • Can I check-in at the airport?
  • How can I request an invoice for my bmi regional flights?
  • Fees
  • What is an e-ticket?
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Who, what and how?

  • What terminal do I land at in Paris, Frankfurt or Munich?
  • How can I talk to somebody in your call centre/Customer Contact Centre?
  • Tell me about bmi regional. Where are you based and where you do fly to?
  • bmi regional Conditions of Carriage
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