Celebrating 400 years of Gothenburg!

  • 24th March 2017

How would you celebrate your 400th birthday? Gothenburg will reach this milestone in 2021 and, to celebrate, the city is starting the party early. And why not? You only turn 400 once! What’s more, the good news is that everyone is invited to join the celebrations.

A brief history lesson

 King Gustavus Adolphus is the person to thank for giving the world Gothenburg. Well, he chose the location anyway! In 1619, it is said that he pointed to a patch of marshland and proclaimed, “Here, the city shall lie” – a moment immortalised by a statue in Gustav Adolf’s square. Two years later, Gothenburg was formed.

Incidentally, the Gothenburg City Museum is now showing “1600s Gothenburg On Film”. This gives a 3D visualisation of how the city looked 400 years ago, along with an explanation of why the city looks as it does today – it’s well worth checking out.

Three themes

Gothenburg has, after detailed consultation, identified three themes which capture the vision of what they hope to achieve by 2021. The 300th anniversary was responsible for the construction of Götaplatsen, an important cultural square for the city. It’s hoped that these themes will leave a similar legacy:

Closer to the water – whether it’s the sea, archipelago, harbour, lakes, canals, river or even the rain, Gothenburg aims to make the most of the city’s water.

Building bridges – between people and closing gaps. Gothenburg wants to create more public meeting spaces within the city and improve infrastructure so the city becomes more accessible, from all neighbourhoods.

Open spaces – developing an open and appealing atmosphere by establishing creative spaces for people to meet.

2017 – Green and beautiful city

Since 2014, each year has been given its own mission. In 2017, the aim is to create a “green and beautiful city”. Activities are based on the social, ecological and economic sustainability of improvements to people’s health, lifestyle, food and security.

From city orchards bringing “fruit for all” and the upgrading of parks, to increasing climate knowledge, biodiversity and extending nature paths – there is a lot planned for 2017. The exciting thing is that Gothenburg is already a green and beautiful city… so what new heights of green and beautiful can it reach? You’ll have to visit to find out.

On the 8 May 2017, Gothenburg will join Nuremburg, Germany and Graz Austria as an exciting destination from Birmingham airport. Book your direct flight from Birmingham to Gothenburg at flybmi.com.

This article is written by Rob Griffith-Jones. Proud Brummie and resident in Gothenburg since 2012. Co-Founder of thisisgothenburg.com ­– the unofficial guide to Gothenburg.