Sports equipment and other special baggage

Sports Equipment

Passengers will be charged a flat handling fee of £45/€60 per sector for each item, with a maximum weight for each item of 20 kgs, per sector, regardless of the weight allowance. Any item over 23kgs will be charged at £10/€15 per kilo, per sector. If this is your only checked baggage then this can form part of your free allowance.

The following are examples of some of the most popular items that are classed as sporting equipment*.

  • Golf – one pair of golf shoes & one golf bag with clubs
  • Skiiing/ Snowboarding – one pair of skis/poles/boots or snowboard and boots
  • Fishing – one tackle box, rucksack, backpack, anglers basket, one rod bag or box
  • Surfboards/ Sailboards/ Water Skis
  • Canoes

*Subject to aircraft hold space on the day

Packing Bicycles for Flying

Bicycles should be properly packed into a box. Following these guidelines:

  • Handlebars must be fixed sideways in line with the crossbar
  • Pedals must be turned inwards or removed
  • Front wheel must be removed and fixed to rear wheel
  • Tyres do not have to be deflated for carriage

*Subject to aircraft hold space on the day


Firearms can be carried free of charge if weight is within the baggage allowance permitted . Anything weighing over the permitted baggage allowance will be charged at a flat rate of £50 per passenger per sector.

Firearms and other weapons are clearly NOT allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

The firearm will be carried subject to correct documentation and clearance by Customs or the Police and certain conditions. Firearms and other weapons will only be accepted for carriage under the following conditions:

  • Any firearms should be unloaded, that is, free of ammunition
  • They can only be accepted as hold baggage
  • They must be packed in a hard shell container
  • A firearms label must be attached and signed by the passenger