Checked Baggage

Our inclusive fares provide every passenger with at least 1 hold bag of up to 23kg for no additional charge

Sale Classic ClassicPlus Executive
Hold Baggage Allowance 1 x bag of max 23kg 2 x bags of max 23kg each

We have special arrangements for sporting equipment like skis and surfboards and large musical instruments. In many cases these can be carried as part of your free baggage allowance. Please visit our Sports Equipment and other special baggage page for more details.

Food and plant products

Food and plant product imports pose serious health risks – both to the public and to the environment. There are strict rules about bringing them to the UK to reduce the risk of pests and diseases entering the country.

Find out more abut the rules on bringing food products to the UK –  and

Endangered animals and plants

You are not allowed to bring internationally protected endangered animals and plants, or products made from them, into the UK unless you have a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) permit. The illicit trade in animal products is a serious contributory factor in the threat of extinction faced by many endangered species.
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Firearms, ammunition and other weapons, including replica and decommissioned weapons, are clearly NOT allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

We may accept firearms for carriage in your hold baggage only with advanced notification and with the appropriate licenses and documentation. Under international rules the weight of any ammunition may not exceed 5kg (11lb) per passenger, allowances for more than one passenger may not be combined.

If accepted for travel, firearms will be carried as part of your hold baggage allowance with excess baggage fees applied if your combined hold baggage exceeds your allowance.

Firearms and other weapons will only be accepted for carriage under the following conditions:

  • Any firearms should be unloaded, that is, free of ammunition
  • They can only be accepted as hold baggage
  • They must be packed in a hard shell container
  • Ammunition must be packed in either its original packaging or in a suitable container which prevents movement between shells or cartridges (i.e. loose ammunition is not permitted). No external labelling to denote the contents is permitted.
  • A firearms label must be attached and signed by the passenger
  • Each firearm must be accompanied by the relevant export/import licenses, firearms certificate and any other official documentation as required at the time of travel.
  • Bookings must be made via our Contact Centre at least 72 hours prior to your flight to ensure compliance with government regulations. Please have the following information to hand when you call us:
    • The quantity of firearms you wish to carry
    • The type, make, model and calibre
    • Quantity (in weight) of ammunition

If you are planning a trip which includes a flight operated by an airline other than bmi regional please ensure you contact them in advance of travel to verify any additional requirements and / or restrictions.

Please ensure you arrive at our check-in desks 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time to ensure sufficient time to process your security documentation.

Buggies, Pushchairs and Carry Cots

Carry cots must be stowed in hold of the aircraft; however, under very special circumstances, we may allow for it to be carried in the cabin. The baby must however be removed from the cot during travel.

Find out more about travelling with children

Dead Game Birds & Dead Fish

When travelling within the UK & EC, dead game birds and fish may be carried in your baggage. Any dead game birds or fish carried in your hold baggage must be suitably packed and sealed in such a way that they:

  • Cannot leak and contaminate other baggage or cargo
  • Cause a hygiene risk
  • Cause offensive odours likely to be objectionable to fellow passengers

Fragile Articles

Fragile articles have to be adequately packed to prevent damage.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes must not be carried in hold baggage to prevent any fire risk from accidental activation. They are permitted for carriage in cabin baggage, along with any spare lithium batteries for the device. The batteries must also be protected from short circuiting when carried.


Lithium ion/metal battery type Airline approval required Allowed in hand baggage Allowed in hold baggage
In equipment Spares In equipment Spares
Watt Hours less than 100 (1) No Yes Yes Yes No
Watt Hours between 100 and 160 (2) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Watt hours more than 160 (3) Not permitted No No No No


(1) – Found in laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras etc

(2) – Found in video equipment, portable medical devices etc

(3) – Found in electric bikes, car battery, underwater lamp etc

Points to Remember

  • Damaged batteries or equipment must not be carried on an aircraft
  • Spare Lithium batteries are not permitted in hold baggage
  • Spare lithium batteries must be protected against short circuiting or damage – this can be done by either:-
    • Keeping it in the original manufacturers packaging
    • Placing tape over the terminals and placing it in a protective case or strong packaging
  • All battery powered devices must be packaged to prevent inadvertent activation
  • Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs – laptops, kindles, Ipads etc) carried on an aircraft must not be plugged in to the in-flight power when not in use (i.e. when charging)


If you are in any doubt about the WH rating of a battery, this is usually shown on the casing of the battery itself, or mentioned in the device specifications.


Note – Batteries between 160 and 300 Watt Hours can be carried as part of a mobility aid for Passengers with Restricted Movement, but only with the prior approval of the airline.